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Product Safety and Compliance: What Every Amazon Seller Needs to Know

Updated: Apr 8

product safety and compliance guide

It's the responsibility of every e-commerce seller to provide test reports and product certificates, to assure customers that your product is subject to stringent safety measures, and that you adhere to the laws and regulations of the regions you sell in. This not only gives you more freedom to sell, it's a way to prove to customers that you care about their safety.

Now, if you're an Amazon seller, understanding the importance of compliance documents is crucial to the success of your business. Compliance on Amazon is a non-negotiable; if you fail to comply with regulations, it's possible that your listings face removal and account deactivation. Many sellers don't understand the necessity of a compliance audit, which is one of the most common mistakes that sellers make, and yet has dire consequences.

In this article, we go provide suggestions to make it easier to provide compliance documentation for Amazon, the types of documents that Amazon requires, and how to address the issue if Amazon thinks you're not in compliance.

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Importance of Compliance and the Manage Your Compliance Dashboard

Simplifying safety and regulatory requirements is crucial for sellers on Amazon. With the introduction of the Manage Your Compliance Dashboard, every seller now has a centralized platform to upload and manage all their compliance documents.

This tool streamlines the process and allows sellers to easily stay informed about changing regulations and address any compliance issues promptly, thereby ensuring that the products are safe for selling.

Making it easy to submit documents like safety and regulatory requirements

The Manage Your Compliance Dashboard allows you to easily view and respond to compliance requirements, submit documentation or appeals, and track the approval status of your submissions.

You can also access the Compliance Reference tool through the dashboard, which provides detailed information on current policies and connects you with service providers.

This tool allows you to search for your product, view compliance requirements, and generate a report with service provider contact information. By utilizing these tools, you can simplify the safety and regulatory requirements and ensure compliance with Amazon's policies. Additionally, the Compliance Reference tool connects sellers with service providers, allowing them to search for their product, view compliance requirements, and generate a report with contact information for service providers.

With these tools, sellers can efficiently navigate the compliance landscape, ensuring that their products meet Amazon's safety and compliance policies, and avoiding any negative consequences for their sales and business.

Key Features of the Manage Your Compliance Dashboard

In the Manage Your Compliance Dashboard, you have the convenience of bulk document submission and appeals management. This feature allows you to easily upload multiple compliance documents or appeals at once, saving you time and effort.

Bulk safety and compliance document submission and appeals management

The new bulk document submission and appeals management feature in Seller Central is a game-changer for sellers. It makes it easier than ever to address compliance issues and protect their businesses on Amazon.

With this feature, sellers can now upload multiple compliance documents or appeals at once, saving time and effort. The process is simple and streamlined, allowing sellers to quickly submit the necessary documentation to resolve compliance violations.

Additionally, the appeals management feature provides a centralized platform to track and monitor the progress of appeals. This ensures sellers stay informed every step of the way.

This new tool empowers sellers to efficiently manage their compliance requirements and maintain a strong presence on Amazon without the hassle of individual document submissions and appeals.

Access to necessary services for compliance

As an Amazon seller, it's crucial to have access to the right services and resources to ensure that your products meet all compliance requirements.

This includes obtaining the necessary certifications, conducting third-party inspections, and ensuring that your products adhere to safety standards. Amazon understands the importance of this and provides sellers with the Compliance Reference tool through Seller Central.

This tool allows you to search for your product, view compliance requirements, and connect with service providers who can assist you in meeting these requirements. By utilizing this tool, you can access the necessary services and expertise to ensure that your products are compliant, building trust with customers and avoiding any potential compliance issues.

Safety and Compliance Documents for Amazon Products: Various Documents You Need to Submit

Let's go through some of the required compliance documents that Amazon may require in order for a seller to prove that their products meet regulatory requirements.

Many of these documents require comprehensive information such as product name and image, manufacturer's name and contact information, brand owner information, applicable safety standards, and certification. Sellers must comply with the documents each type of certificate will require, even before you've started selling. There are different kinds of certifications per product type.

Children's Product Certificate (CPC)

Sellers must upload a Children's Product Certificate (CPC) when selling children's products to ensure compliance and safety. The CPC is a crucial document required by Amazon for products intended for children. It serves as proof that the product meets all safety regulations and standards.

In addition to the usual requirements, submit too age grading for children's items. This document demonstrates that the product has undergone proper testing and certification to ensure it is safe for use by children.

General Certificate of Conformity (GCC)

The GCC is a crucial document that demonstrates your product meets safety standards and regulations. It provides assurance to both Amazon and your customers that your product has undergone testing and meets safety requirements.

Test Reports from ISO 17025 Accredited Labs

ISO 17025 is an internationally recognized standard for testing and calibration laboratories. When you obtain test reports from labs that are accredited under this standard, it provides a strong validation of the compliance and reliability of your products.

These test reports provide evidence that your products have undergone thorough testing and have met the required safety standards. They can cover a wide range of parameters, such as product performance, durability, electrical safety, and chemical composition.

Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Compliance Documentation

NRTL compliance documentation is a crucial requirement set by Amazon to ensure that your products meet safety standards.

It is important to work with an ISO 17025 accredited lab to conduct the necessary tests and provide the required documentation. By obtaining NRTL compliance documentation, you can demonstrate to Amazon and your customers that your products are safe and compliant.

Registration Cards and Tracking Labels

Registration cards are often required for certain products, and they provide important information for customers to register their purchase and receive any necessary updates or recalls. These cards typically include details such as the product's make and model number, manufacturer's contact information, and instructions on how to register.

Tracking labels, on the other hand, help ensure that your products can be traced back to their source. They often contain unique identifiers or barcodes that allow for easy tracking and monitoring throughout the supply chain.

Compliance Markings

Include compliance markings on your products to demonstrate their adherence to safety regulations and to give customers confidence in their purchase.

These markings can include symbols, labels, or codes that provide information about the product's compliance with specific regulations or certifications. Compliance markings help customers easily identify safe and reliable products, and they also serve as a form of documentation for regulatory authorities.

When adding compliance markings to your products, ensure that they are clear, visible, and properly placed. It's crucial to stay updated on the latest compliance requirements and regulations to ensure that your products are always in compliance and meet the necessary standards for safety.

Product Manuals and Instructions

Use instruction manuals to guide customers through every step of the proper use of your product, ensuring a seamless and safe experience.

Product manuals and instructions are essential compliance documents that provide crucial information about your product's features, functions, and usage guidelines. These documents should be comprehensive, easy to understand, and visually appealing to enhance the customer's experience.

Include clear and concise instructions, diagrams, and safety precautions to help users properly use and maintain your product. Additionally, make sure to highlight any potential risks or hazards and provide troubleshooting tips.

By creating thorough and well-designed product manuals and instructions, you not only comply with Amazon's requirements but also build trust with your customers, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Product Safety Policy

Crafting a robust product safety policy is crucial for sellers to ensure the well-being of their customers and maintain a trustworthy brand image.

It should include procedures for testing and certifying your products, as well as guidelines for addressing any safety issues that may arise.

By having a comprehensive product safety policy in place, you can demonstrate to your customers that you prioritize their safety and are proactive in addressing any potential risks.

This will not only help you maintain a strong presence on Amazon but also earn the trust and loyalty of your customers.

Additionally - selling potentially hazardous materials on Amazon means another set of guidelines that you must follow. Read our article on selling hazmat items on Amazon here.

Addressing Complaints from Sellers + Compliance Policies

Make sure you:

  • upload the necessary compliance document

  • regularly check the Manage Your Compliance dashboard

  • stay up-to-date on changing regulations

  • utilize available resources such as the Compliance Reference tool

  • seek guidance from experts

Products must comply with these steps to the best of their ability in order to adhere to Amazon policy.

Uploading specific documents to prove compliance

Sellers can easily upload the necessary requirements for your product through the Manage Your Compliance dashboard, ensuring the safety and regulatory compliance of their products on Amazon.

Regularly checking the dashboard for compliance issues and promptly addressing any violations is essential to maintain a solid presence on Amazon and avoid any disruptions in selling activities.

Dealing with violations and issues

Addressing violations and resolving compliance issues is crucial for maintaining a successful presence on Amazon and ensuring the safety and regulatory compliance of your products.

When you receive a compliance violation notice from Amazon, it's important to carefully review the violation and understand the specific issue. You should then prepare an appeal letter addressing the violation and gather any necessary documents to support your case. These documents may include updated compliance certificates, test reports, safety manuals, or any other relevant information.

Once you've prepared your appeal, submit it through the appropriate channels on Seller Central and wait for a resolution. It's important to note that it may take up to seven days to receive a response.

The Product Policy Compliance section displays how well you are following Amazon's policies. How to know if you violated a policy? Amazon will notify you in this section, allowing you to delve deeper and view the details of the violation. In this section, Amazon will specify the reason for the violation, the date it occurred, the affected ASIN, the action that was taken by Amazon, the impact on your Account Health Rating, and the steps you can take to resolve the issue, such as filing an appeal, or submit a plan of action.

Importance of maintaining up-to-date documentation

Maintaining accurate and timely documentation is crucial for sellers to ensure regulatory compliance and instill trust in customers. As regulations and requirements can change over time, it's important to regularly update and review your compliance documents.

By keeping your documentation up-to-date, you can demonstrate your commitment to product safety and adherence to applicable laws. This not only helps to avoid potential compliance issues and listing blocks, but it also shows customers that you prioritize their safety and satisfaction.

Additionally, having current documentation on hand means it's easier to pull up the necessary info if you need to provide proof to Amazon that you're compliant. This ensures that your products can continue to be listed and sold without interruption. By staying proactive and organized with your compliance documents, you can maintain a strong presence on Amazon and build a reputable and trustworthy brand.

Conclusion: Amazon Product Compliance Makes Sure Your Product Adheres to Local Laws and is Safe for Customers

Now that you've learned about the resources available for staying compliant on Amazon, let's discuss some final thoughts and best practices to ensure your success as a seller.

First and foremost, it's crucial to prioritize compliance with Amazon's product safety and compliance policies. Make sure to regularly check the Manage Your Compliance dashboard for any compliance issues and address them promptly. This will help you avoid listing blocks or even account deactivation.

Additionally, maintaining proper compliance documentation is key. This includes submitting all required documents and keeping track of any changes or updates to regulatory requirements. By doing so, you can boost your credibility as a seller and earn customer trust.

Remember, non-compliance can have serious consequences for your sales and business both on and off the Amazon platform. So, make sure to stay informed, follow the guidelines, and prioritize the safety of your products.

By regularly checking the dashboard and providing proper documentation, you can boost your credibility as a seller and earn customer trust.

Remember, non-compliance can have serious consequences for your sales and business both on and off the Amazon platform. So, make sure to stay informed, follow the guidelines, and prioritize the safety of your products.

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