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Since 2013

Anything that takes you away from the activities that produce value for your business needs to be outsourced. This is never truer than when you are in growth mode.


We're here to get you away from all the boxes, tape, and labels and back to doing what really matters in your business.


Prep It Pack It Ship It was one of the very first Amazon FBA prep and ship companies on the west coast. We've seen it all; we've done it all. There's nothing we don't know about prepping and shipping your inventory in the most cost-effective, expedient way.

Efficient and Accurate

Thank You PrepItPackItShipIt!

It means so much to us knowing how much you care about my Amazon business.  Your efficiency is amazing and your accurate interface with us, our suppliers, and Amazon gives

us such peace of mind.


We refer you to others often!

Curtis J

Amazon Seller

Let’s Start Working Together!

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