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How To Sell Hazmat Products On Amazon: Pass Amazon Hazmat Review Process To Sell Dangerous Goods

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Obviously, you're not planning to sell dangerous products on Amazon, but so many different items are actually classified as a dangerous good - including electronic devices, beauty and care products, and automotive parts. Amazon has a dangerous goods qualification that will pause listings that contain products that can be considered hazmat. Understanding how to navigate around this, and manage hazmat reviews, can be incredibly beneficial for sellers.

In 'The Ultimate Guide to Hazmat Goods on Amazon,' we provide you with comprehensive information on how to navigate the platform's policies and regulations, so you can continue to sell products that are obviously not dangerous - but are considered dangerous - all in the spirit of protecting the consumers.

The reason behind the dangerous good classification is because hazmat products, ranging from electronics to beauty products, require careful handling, storage, and shipping to ensure the safety of workers and customers. By joining the FBA dangerous goods program, you can protect your business and marketplace while complying with US regulations.

We'll guide you through the hazmat review process, including the submission of safety data sheets or exemptions.

Don't wait any longer. Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to successfully sell hazmat goods on Amazon and thrive in this lucrative market.

In the meantime, check out this video on what to do if Amazon says your product is hazmat - and how to circumnavigate the system.

What are Amazon Hazmat Products Sold on Amazon? The Review Process

If you're selling on Amazon, it's important to understand the classification of dangerous goods, especially when it comes to hazmat products.

These are products that have hazardous materials and are subject to specific regulations and restrictions.

When your product is reviewed on Amazon, they will determine if it is classified as hazmat or not. If it is, you may need to enroll in the FBA Dangerous Goods Program, which has its own set of requirements and regulations.

The hazmat review process involves providing the necessary documentation, such as a Safety Data Sheet, and ensuring that your product meets all the necessary safety standards.

Another important note is to make sure to disclose your product's condition on your listing. Learn all about Amazon's condition guidelines here.

Understanding the classification of dangerous goods: Amazon's hazmat policy

To understand the classification of dangerous goods, you need to know that Amazon categorizes hazmat products into different classes based on their specific hazards and properties.

This classification helps sellers and customers identify the potential risks associated with these products. By classifying hazmat products, Amazon ensures that proper safety measures are taken during storage, handling, and shipping.

The below products are classified as dangerous goods and cannot be sold on Amazon:

  1. Explosives

  2. Flammable gasses

  3. Flammable liquids

  4. Flammable solids

  5. Oxidizers

  6. Toxic & infectious

  7. Radioactive

  8. Corrosive

  9. Miscellaneous

Now, your product probably doesn't contain any of the above, but if your product falls under the below categories, there's a large chance that Amazon will flag them as products that are considered dangerous:

  1. Apparel, if they have rechargeable batteries or stain removal products

  2. Automotive products, especially engine, tire and paint, or interior care products, including oils, engine fluid, batteries, and airbags

  3. Baby - antibacterial products, and grooming and care products

  4. Beauty and personal care including spray deodorant, hair sprays, colors, dye, perfume, tanning oils, essential oils, aftershave, insect repellent, nail polish...the list goes on

  5. Books that contain batteries, such as song books, and e-book devices

  6. Consumer electronics - including cell phones, power banks, and speakers with magnets

  7. Food and beverages - particularly high alcohol content products, aerosol food products, and essential oils

  8. Health and household - cleaning, laundry, and dishwashing products

  9. Home improvement - pest control products and grill products

  10. Office, especially printer inks and toners, glue, adhesives, markers, and various pens

  11. Pet products, particularly if they're chemical in nature: eye and ear care, flea or tick control, deodorant, remedy creams, cleaning products

  12. Shoes - like those light-up shoes that kids love, and cleaning or polishing products

  13. Sports and outdoor such as airsoft supplies, camp stoves, e-bikes and scooters, batteries, and life-saving vests

  14. Toys such as chemistry or building kits, battery-operated toys, and kits that contain paint or sprays

  15. Video games: controllers, headsets, and gamepads

In short, potentially every category will be considered dangerous goods! Even your toddler niece's song book with lights and music, and your dad's good ole grilling stuff, are examples of hazmat products, no matter how innocuous they may be to you.

That's why it's so important to learn how to navigate the Amazon Hazmat review process, so you can continue to sell these items safely on Amazon. Consider the management of Hazmat reviews as part and parcel of running an Amazon business.

The good news is, if Amazon has not found any dangerous goods in your product, you're good to go, but it's quite an arduous process.

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How are hazmat products reviewed on Amazon? The Amazon hazmat review process

The process of reviewing hazmat products on Amazon involves providing relevant information and documentation to ensure the safety of workers and customers. When submitting a hazmat product for review, you need to provide a safety data sheet (SDS) or exemptions.

However, if an SDS is unavailable and the product doesn't contain hazardous chemicals, you have the option to upload an exemption sheet. Here are the steps for doing so:

  1. Navigate to the 'Manage dangerous goods classification' site and download the sheet template.

  2. Fill out all the pertinent fields, such as ASIN and acknowledgment of warning labels.

  3. Return to the 'Manage dangerous goods classification' page.

  4. Select the ASIN, marketplace, and file language.

  5. Choose the exemption sheet (note: it must be under 20 MB in size).

  6. Click 'Upload file'.

  7. If needed, repeat these steps to upload additional sheets.

Remember, exemption sheets can also be provided for battery-operated products. Please note that the Dangerous Goods team will require 4 business days to review the submitted documents.

Enrolling in the FBA Dangerous Goods Program

Enroll in the FBA Dangerous Goods Program to ensure the safe handling and shipping of your hazardous products on Amazon. By joining the program, you can meet the necessary requirements and sell your hazmat items without any hassle. This program is accepting requests to handle dangerous goods from sellers based in the USA.

This program aims to protect both workers and customers from harm, providing a secure environment for the sale and delivery of dangerous goods.

Amazon offers the FBA Dangerous Goods Program tailored to brands selling hazmat products eligible for FBA. Interested sellers in the US can join the program's waitlist by following these steps:

  1. Log in to Seller Central.

  2. Navigate to Manage Dangerous Goods Classification.

  3. Choose the FBA Dangerous Goods program option.

  4. Click on Apply to the FBA Dangerous Goods program.

Some sellers may automatically be added to the waitlist if their stored products are reclassified as dangerous goods. Amazon will notify the merchants once they can participate in the program. Upon enrollment, Amazon will transfer the hazmat items to a qualified warehouse capable of handling such goods.

The FBA Dangerous Goods Program allows Amazon FBA sellers to ship additional products to the designated warehouse, following these guidelines:

  1. Ship FBA eligible products.

  2. Ensure products are in new condition.

  3. Pack limited quantities, as specified by Title 49 of the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations.

It's important to note that certain hazmat goods are ineligible for FBA storage and shipping. However, sellers can still list and sell them on Amazon by managing fulfillment and delivery themselves.

Please keep in mind that Dangerous Goods items are Prime eligible, but some may not qualify for 2-day shipping due to transport regulations. This limitation arises because some products can only be safely delivered through ground transportation.

What happens if your product is classified as hazmat?

Prepare yourself for the potential challenges and setbacks that come with your product being classified as hazmat, because navigating the process can be complex and time-consuming, but don't let that deter you from pursuing your goals.

Selling hazmat products on Amazon requires careful attention to regulations and guidelines. You need to ensure proper labeling, packaging, and storage, as well as compliance with shipping requirements.

Stay informed, be proactive, and seek expert advice to successfully navigate the hazmat classification process. Liberation awaits those who are determined and well-prepared.

How does the hazmat review process work?

When your product is classified as hazmat, Amazon's Dangerous Goods team steps in. They review your ASINs and work with the catalog intel you provide to ensure safety standards are met.

It's your responsibility to provide accurate and complete listing data, including product title,

description, bullet points, and images. Compliance with product safety standards is crucial. Again, see if you can submit your SDS to Amazon; this will be a huge help in getting your products classified as non-hazmat.

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Selling Products Classified as Hazmat Safely on Amazon and How Hazmat Impact Your Sales, Plus Storage of Hazmat Products

In this section, check out the steps you need to take to ensure compliance. This includes providing accurate and complete listing data and complying with product safety standards. You also need to submit the necessary documents such as safety data sheets or exemption sheets.

It's important to properly store hazmat products in qualified fulfillment centers designed for dangerous goods. Additionally, be aware that hazmat classification can impact your sales on Amazon. If your product is marked as hazmat, it's crucial to resolve Amazon hazmat reviews quickly by providing relevant information and documentation to Amazon.

How to sell hazmat products on Amazon

Ensure a smooth process for selling hazmat products on Amazon by following the guidelines provided by the FBA Dangerous Goods Program.

  1. Start by verifying if your product is classified as hazmat by checking the ASIN categories or Safety Data Sheets.

  2. If it is, apply to join the FBA Dangerous Goods Program and wait for approval.

  3. Once approved, make sure to properly label, package, and store your hazmat products according to the program's requirements.

  4. By adhering to these guidelines, you can liberate your business and successfully sell hazmat products on Amazon.

Ensuring proper storage of hazmat products

Make sure your hazmat products are stored safely and securely to protect both your business and the marketplace. It's essential to comply with proper storage guidelines to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of workers and customers.

Store hazmat products away from heat or open flames, and keep them out of reach of children and pets. Proper labeling and packaging are also crucial to maintain the integrity of the products and prevent any potential hazards.

Now, there are such things as hazmat product storage limitations. Numerous items classified as hazmat products are actually common, everyday items that we all possess and utilize. Despite this, Amazon holds a responsibility to guarantee the safe storage, handling, and shipping of hazmat products. This commitment to safety is the primary reason behind the existence of the FBA Dangerous Goods Program.

How can hazmat impact your sales?

Selling hazmat products can have a significant impact on your sales. What happens when products are flagged as dangerous?

First of all, if Amazon notices that the product that you supplied to Amazon is potentially a hazmat product, it can pause your listing while they collect the documentation to prove that your products are not dangerous goods on Amazon. The downtime is difficult for any seller, but it's inevitable.

On the flip side, if you do get permission to sell the product after Amazon finds that the products comply with applicable standards, you're in for quite the ride. Selling these goods can allow you to tap into a niche market with potentially less competition on Amazon FBA.

By offering hazardous materials, you're catering to a specific group of customers who have unique needs and preferences. This can lead to increased demand and higher profit margins.

Tl;dr - not every seller is eager to go through the fiery hoops of the Amazon hazmat dangerous goods program. Many of them can't be bothered to collect the exemption sheets for products classified as hazmat. This means less competition for you!

Selling hazmat products can help differentiate your business from competitors and position you as a specialist in this area.

Manage Amazon hazmat reviews quickly

Quickly resolving Amazon hazmat reviews is crucial for maintaining your business's reputation and preventing any potential sales disruptions.

When faced with a hazmat review, take immediate action by providing relevant information to Amazon.

Make sure to thoroughly read and understand the review requirements, and match the product listing information with the safety data sheet (SDS).

By promptly addressing any concerns and providing accurate information, you can expedite the review process and minimize any negative impact on your sales. As long as you're organized and thorough, you should be able to continue selling in no time, especially if Amazon ascertains that your product contains no dangerous materials.

Stay proactive and don't let this setback hold you back from success!

Amazon's Hazmat Policy and Understanding the Dangerous Goods Review Process

If you're an Amazon seller, it's important to understand Amazon's policy on hazmat products.

This includes managing hazmat fulfillment and enrolling in the FBA Dangerous Goods Program.

You'll also want to know which products are considered hazmat and whether you can continue to sell them on Amazon.

Understanding Amazon's policy on hazmat products

To fully understand Amazon's policy on hazmat products, you should familiarize yourself with the guidelines and requirements set forth by the FBA Dangerous Goods program. This program aims to protect workers and customers from potential harm by ensuring safe handling, storage, and shipping of hazardous materials. (We already spoke about the proper storage in a previous section of this guide.)

As a seller, it's your responsibility to comply with these guidelines and provide accurate and complete listing data. This includes product title, description, bullet points, and images. By following these policies, you can confidently sell hazmat products on Amazon and contribute to a safe marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions on the FBA Dangerous Goods Program

How can sellers determine if their product is considered a hazmat product on Amazon?

To determine if your product is considered a hazmat product on Amazon, you can ask your supplier for documentation or search the ASIN in Seller Central. This will help you identify any hazardous materials classification.

What are the requirements for sellers to join the FBA dangerous goods program?

To join the FBA Dangerous Goods Program on Amazon, you need to apply and meet the entry barriers. The requirements include providing a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or exemptions for your hazmat products.

What are the potential consequences for sellers who fail to provide a safety data sheet for their hazmat products?

If you fail to provide a safety data sheet for your hazmat products on Amazon, the potential consequences can include listing suspension and a negative impact on your seller reputation. It is crucial to provide the required documentation to ensure compliance and protect your business.

How long does the approval process for hazmat products on Amazon typically take?

The approval process for hazmat products on Amazon typically takes around 4-5 weeks. During this time, you will need to provide the necessary documentation and comply with all safety regulations to ensure the safety of workers and customers.

Are there any alternative options for sellers to sell hazmat products on Amazon if they don't meet the requirements for the FBA dangerous goods program?

If you don't meet the requirements for the FBA Dangerous Goods Program, you can still sell hazmat products on Amazon through Merchant Fulfillment. Just make sure to properly package and ship the products to ensure safety.


So there you have it, the ultimate guide to hazmat goods on Amazon. Selling hazardous materials on the platform requires careful consideration and adherence to Amazon's hazmat policies. By joining the FBA dangerous goods program and following proper handling, storage, and shipping procedures, you can ensure the safety of workers and customers.

Don't forget to comply with hazmat regulations, provide accurate listing data, and prioritize the protection of your business and the marketplace. Hopefully, Amazon will classify the product as not dangerous, and you continue to sell these items on Amazon without any hassle or risk. Good luck with your hazmat product sales on Amazon!

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