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How to Earn the Amazon Small Business Badge and Attract More Customers

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

What is the Amazon Small Business Badge?

The Amazon Small Business Badge is a recognition program that allows small businesses to showcase their products on the Amazon platform.

Qualifications for the badge

Getting the Amazon Small Business Badge requires meeting certain qualifications set by Amazon. They follow the Gartner's definition of a small business.

First, your business must be based in the U.S., employing fewer than 100 people and generating less than $50 million in annual revenue.

If you are a brand owner registered with Brand Registry or a participant in the Handmade program, then you're eligible to apply for this badge. Amazon also takes into consideration factors such as customer reviews and seller ratings when assessing eligibility for the Small Business Badge, underscoring its importance as a marker of credibility and quality assurance on their platform.

Benefits of having the badge

Having the Amazon Small Business Badge offers several advantages for small businesses, including:

  1. Increased visibility: The badge helps small businesses stand out among competitors on Amazon by highlighting their products as part of the small business program.

  2. Trust and credibility: Customers are more likely to trust and purchase from businesses with the Small Business Badge, as it signifies that they are verified small businesses.

  3. Access to promotions: Small businesses with the badge have the opportunity to participate in exclusive Amazon promotions, such as Prime Day deals and Lightning Deals, which can boost sales and attract more customers.

  4. Enhanced product discoverability: The badge improves a business's chances of getting noticed by potential customers searching for products on Amazon, increasing overall product visibility.

  5. Differentiation from larger brands: The Small Business Badge allows smaller businesses to differentiate themselves from larger brands on Amazon, giving them a competitive edge in attracting customers who prefer supporting smaller enterprises.

  6. Increased customer engagement: Having the badge can encourage customer engagement through features like customer reviews, allowing small businesses to build a positive reputation and attract repeat customers.

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How to Get an Amazon Small Business Badge

To get an Amazon Small Business Badge, small businesses can enroll by contacting Selling Partner Support and providing their business brand and company name.

Steps to enroll for the badge

Earning an Amazon Small Business Badge is a great way to showcase your products and attract more customers on the platform. Follow these simple steps to enroll for the badge:

  1. Contact Selling Partner Support: Reach out to Amazon's Selling Partner Support through Seller Central or by phone/email. Provide them with your business brand and company name.

  2. Verify eligibility: Ensure that you meet the qualifications for the Small Business Badge program. Only brand owners registered with Brand Registry or those participating in the Handmade program are eligible.

  3. Meet small business criteria: Your business should be based in the United States, employ fewer than 100 people, and generate less than $50 million in annual revenue.

  4. Obtain positive feedback: Having Amazon's Choice badges and five-star reviews can increase your chances of earning the Small Business Badge.

  5. Apply for the badge: Submit your application and wait for Amazon to review it. The approval process may take some time, so be patient.

Requirements for product listings

To qualify for the Amazon Small Business Badge, small businesses must ensure that their product listings meet certain requirements. These requirements include having accurate and detailed product information, high-quality images, competitive pricing, and positive customer reviews.

Additionally, small businesses should optimize their product titles and descriptions with relevant keywords to improve visibility in Amazon's search results. By meeting these requirements, small businesses can enhance their chances of earning the Small Business Badge and attracting more customers on Amazon.

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How the Amazon Small Business Badge Can Attract More Customers

The Amazon Small Business Badge can attract more customers by increasing visibility and trust, as well as allowing participation in relevant Amazon promotions.

Increased visibility and trust

The Amazon Small Business Badge can significantly increase your visibility and enhance the trust that customers have in your brand. When you earn this badge, it sets you apart from other sellers on the platform and signals to customers that you are a reputable small business worth their attention.

With increased visibility, more potential customers will discover your products and consider making a purchase. Additionally, the badge helps establish trust by showing that you meet the qualifications for being recognized as a small business by Amazon.

Customers are more likely to choose businesses with this badge because it conveys credibility and authenticity. By earning an Amazon Small Business Badge, you can boost your sales and attract a larger customer base while building a strong reputation on one of the world's biggest online marketplaces.

Participation in relevant Amazon promotions

Small businesses with the Amazon Small Business Badge have the opportunity to participate in relevant Amazon promotions, increasing their chances of attracting more customers. These promotions can range from Lightning Deals and Deal of the Day to Prime Day exclusives and targeted advertising campaigns.

By participating in these promotions, small businesses can gain increased visibility and exposure on Amazon's platform, reaching a larger audience.

These promotional opportunities not only generate additional sales for small businesses but also help them build brand awareness and customer loyalty. With the support of Amazon's marketing efforts, businesses can quickly establish themselves as trusted sellers within their niche.

This increased visibility combined with a reputable badge helps attract more customers who are actively seeking out products from small businesses.

By taking advantage of these promotion opportunities provided by Amazon, small businesses can effectively market their products to a wider audience and increase their chances of success on the platform.


In conclusion, earning an Amazon Small Business Badge can greatly benefit your business by attracting more customers and increasing visibility. By following the steps outlined in this article and meeting the qualifications, you'll be well on your way to showcasing your products to a wider audience and gaining trust from potential buyers.

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1. What is an Amazon Small Business Badge?

An Amazon Small Business Badge is a special designation given to small businesses that sell products on Amazon's platform. It helps customers easily identify and support small businesses when making purchasing decisions.

2. How can I earn an Amazon Small Business Badge?

To earn an Amazon Small Business Badge, you must meet certain criteria set by the company. This includes being a registered brand owner or manufacturer, having your products listed as new and available for purchase, maintaining good customer ratings and reviews, and demonstrating a commitment to providing excellent customer service.

3. What are the benefits of earning an Amazon Small Business Badge?

Earning an Amazon Small Business Badge can provide several benefits for your business. It helps increase visibility and credibility among customers who prefer supporting small businesses. The badge also allows you to participate in promotional programs like Prime Day deals, which can attract more customers and boost sales.

4. How can I attract more customers after earning an Amazon Small Business Badge?

After earning an Amazon Small Business Badge, there are several strategies you can employ to attract more customers. These include optimizing your product listings with high-quality images and compelling descriptions, utilizing targeted advertising campaigns on the platform, offering competitive pricing and discounts, leveraging social media platforms to promote your products and engaging with customer feedback effectively to build trust and loyalty.

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