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Buying an Existing Amazon FBA Business: Complete Guide

Updated: Feb 7

Thinking about buying an existing Amazon FBA business? It's a smart move that could save you time and kick-start your earnings. An already-running store has a set customer base and proven sales records, making it easier to get going.

Our complete guide has it all—from what to look out for to making the purchase. We'll walk you through each step so you feel confident in your decision.

Read on and find out how to grab the keys to your new venture!

Reasons To Buy an Existing Amazon FBA Business

When considering buying an existing Amazon FBA business, it's important to understand the benefits of starting from scratch. There is also immense growth potential with a pre-existing business and access to an established e-commerce platform.

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Benefits of Buying an Existing Account Over Starting From Scratch

Buying an existing Amazon FBA business means you hit the ground running. You skip the long, uncertain setup phase. Your new venture comes with a track record, established customer base, and sales history.

This gives you a clear advantage because you can learn from past successes and mistakes without making them yourself.

You also benefit from a ready-to-go supply chain with supplier relationships in place. It saves time and avoids the hassle of building these connections from scratch. Good suppliers are key to your product stock staying reliable.

Plus, understanding the financial history of an Amazon FBA business is vital before purchasing—you'll have actual numbers to look at, not just projections.

Taking over an existing business lets you jump into action right away. You focus on growth instead of getting off the starting line. With a functioning Amazon FBA business in hand, take charge immediately and use proven strategies to increase profits even more.

Growth Potential

An established Amazon FBA business presents significant growth potential, giving you a head start in the competitive market. You can leverage existing strategies and resources to expand your product range and reach more customers.

This can increase sales and profitability, allowing you to scale your business efficiently. Analyzing the current performance metrics of the business will help you identify areas for growth and optimization, ensuring that your investment has promising long-term prospects.

Investing in an already profitable Amazon FBA business enhances your chances of sustained success as it is built upon an established customer base and operational framework.

By acquiring a thriving FBA enterprise, you position yourself for future growth opportunities with a solid foundation already in place.

Established e-Commerce Platform

Consider acquiring an established Amazon FBA business to benefit from a robust e-commerce platform that is already in place. This gives you the advantage of stepping into a pre-existing marketplace where products are already listed, and customer traffic is flowing steadily, helping you bypass the challenges of setting up an online store from scratch.

By investing in an established e-commerce platform, you can tap into its growth potential and capitalize on the foundation laid by its previous owner, positioning yourself for success in the competitive world of online retail.

Investing in an existing Amazon FBA business gives you access to a proven model that has already demonstrated its viability. With this, you can leverage the success stories of others who have built thriving businesses on this platform and set your sights on achieving similar or even greater levels of success.

Understanding the FBA Business Model

To effectively buy an existing Amazon FBA business, you must grasp the FBA business model. This involves understanding how fulfillment centers store and ship your products once a buyer places an order.

It also entails comprehending the fees involved in storage, picking, packing, and shipping through Amazon's platform. Furthermore, familiarize yourself with inventory management and the process of creating shipment plans to send products to Amazon's fulfillment centers for efficient delivery to customers.

Understanding advertising metrics is crucial as they impact sales and visibility on the platform. It’s important to comprehend how advertising campaigns work within the FBA ecosystem; this includes Sponsored Products ads and Headline Search ads, which can significantly drive traffic to your product listings.

Key Considerations Before Buying an FBA Business

Understand the FBA business model before making a purchase to ensure you are fully aware of the responsibilities and potential challenges. To learn more about these key considerations, read on for valuable insights into purchasing an existing Amazon FBA business.

Listing Transfers vs. Account Transfers

When purchasing an existing Amazon FBA business, be sure to differentiate between listing transfers and account transfers. Listing transfers involve buying the product listings and reviews associated with a seller's account, while account transfers entail acquiring the entire seller account.

Understanding this distinction is crucial as it impacts the level of control and responsibility you will have over the business. Ensure that your decision aligns with your long-term goals for the business you intend to acquire, whether through a listing transfer or an account transfer.

Consider evaluating potential Amazon FBA businesses based on their alignment with long-term goals when deciding between listing and account transfers. This choice can significantly impact your ability to streamline operations once you take over the business reigns.

Account Fees

When considering purchasing an existing Amazon FBA business, it's crucial to carefully review the account fees associated with the seller's account. Understanding these fees will help you assess the overall financial health and viability of the business before making a purchase decision.

This includes examining any outstanding fees, such as fulfillment and storage costs, advertising expenses, and other recurring charges that may impact your bottom line. Additionally, being aware of any potential disputes or issues related to account fees is essential for a smooth transition into ownership.

Before finalizing your decision to buy an established Amazon FBA business, be sure to conduct a thorough evaluation of all account-related costs through careful scrutiny of accounting records.

Costs and Valuation

Understanding the costs and valuation of an existing Amazon FBA business is critical to making an informed decision. Here's what you need to consider:

Cost Element


Why It Matters

Listing Price

The asking price of the FBA business.

Reflects the business's current market value and profitability.

Inventory Value

Cost of the products currently in stock.

Affects initial cash flow requirements and operational capital.

Supplier Agreements

Terms and conditions set with suppliers.

May impact future product costs and availability.

Account Health

Performance metrics of the seller's account.

Indicates the risk of future account suspension or issues.

Advertising Costs

Historical spend and ROI on paid promotions.

Helps estimate future marketing expenses and campaign strategies.

Broker Fees

Commission or fees paid to an intermediary.

Additional cost for services that facilitate the purchase.

Due Diligence Costs

Expenses incurred in verifying the business details.

Necessary to ensure the legitimacy and potential of the business.

Transfer Fees

Costs associated with the legal transfer of ownership.

Crucial for a smooth and compliant changeover.

Operational Costs

Ongoing expenses for running the business.

Includes FBA fees, shipping, storage, and employee wages if applicable.

Review these figures carefully and ensure they align with your financial planning and business goals. Remember, the valuation should mirror the business's earnings, growth potential, and market position.

Account Health

Check the account health of any potential Amazon FBA business before purchasing. Seller metrics and performance history are key indicators to consider. Ensure there are no red flags like policy violations or performance issues associated with the seller's account.

Analyze the feedback score, order defect rate, late shipment rate, and other vital metrics. Remember, a healthy and well-maintained seller account can lead to smoother operations once you acquire the business.

It is essential to safeguard your investment by verifying the stability of the existing Amazon FBA business through its account health.


When evaluating an existing Amazon FBA business, it's essential to thoroughly review the supplier relationships. Understanding the reliability, quality, and consistency of suppliers is crucial for maintaining a seamless operation.

Look for long-term agreements and diversified supplier bases to mitigate risks and ensure a steady flow of products. Additionally, consider the potential impact on costs and product availability in case of any changes with current suppliers.

As you explore opportunities to purchase an Amazon FBA business, delve into the supplier contracts and their terms while looking at the range of products they supply. Examining these aspects will enable you to assess the stability and sustainability of the business's supply chain.

Product Listings and Reviews

When considering an existing Amazon FBA business, examine the product listings and reviews carefully. Watch for high-quality, well-reviewed products with a solid sales history. Positive customer feedback is crucial to maintaining a strong seller account health.

Before purchasing an Amazon FBA business, analyze the competition in the niche market as it can significantly impact your success. Ensure you understand the quality and quantity of reviews on products to gauge customer satisfaction and make informed decisions about moving forward.

Understanding these aspects can give you valuable insights into potential growth opportunities within the business.- Competition in product listings and reviews is essential before making any buying decision.


When considering the purchase of an existing Amazon FBA business, it's crucial to assess the competition within the niche. Look for businesses with lower competition as this can make it easier to gain traction and attract more customers.

Analyze the market and keyword research to understand how competitive the product niche is and whether there are opportunities to stand out.

Understanding your potential competitors is essential in evaluating an Amazon FBA business for acquisition. Conduct thorough research on competing products, pricing strategies, and customer reviews.


When evaluating an existing Amazon FBA business, consider the importance of streamlined operations. Look for businesses with efficient and well-organized processes in place to handle inventory management, order fulfillment, and customer service.

A streamlined operation can save time and money, allowing you to focus on growing the business rather than fixing operational inefficiencies.

Ensure that the FBA business you are looking to buy has automated systems for tasks such as product sourcing and shipping. This will allow for smoother day-to-day operations and reduce the need for constant manual oversight.

Alignment With Long-Term Goals

Before finalizing the purchase of an existing Amazon FBA business, ensure that it aligns with your long-term goals. Review the accounting records and supplier agreements to see if they fit into your future plans for the business.

Additionally, consider the growth potential and automated operations to ensure longevity and success in line with your vision as a seller investing in an established Amazon FBA enterprise.

Understanding how selling an existing Amazon business works will help you make informed decisions that resonate with your objectives.

When acquiring an already established Amazon FBA business, it's crucial to examine its alignment with long-term goals, balancing automated operations and growth potential against your vision for the venture’s future success.

How To Buy an Existing Amazon FBA Business

Before giving you the steps on how to buy an Amazon FBA account, you need to first learn where to buy one. Check out the Empire Flippers marketplace for a variety of Amazon FBA businesses for sale.

Learn about the buying process, tips for finding the right business, costs and valuations, and important things to know before making a purchase.

Be sure to review accounting records and supplier agreements when considering a potential purchase from this site.

When buying an existing Amazon FBA business, follow a detailed and thorough process:

  1. Research the market trends and potential opportunities for growth to identify a profitable business that aligns with your goals.

  2. Review the seller's accounting records to ensure transparency and accuracy in the financial performance of the FBA business.

  3. Evaluate the supplier agreements and relationships to understand the reliability and sustainability of the product sourcing.

  4. Assess the advertising metrics and strategies employed by the current owner to determine the potential for continued success in marketing efforts.

  5. Check the health of the seller account to verify its compliance with Amazon's guidelines and policies.

  6. Consider options for buying through a broker or private sale, weighing the pros and cons of each approach according to your preferences.

  7. Explore platforms such as BizBuySell and Empire Flippers, where established Amazon FBA businesses are often listed for sale, to find suitable opportunities.

  8. Seek clarity on account transfers versus listing transfers to understand which type of acquisition best suits your needs and objectives.

  9. Negotiate purchase terms while being mindful of costs, valuation, and any additional fees associated with acquiring an Amazon FBA business.

  10. Understand how selling an existing Amazon FBA business works to navigate through the process seamlessly once you've found a suitable opportunity for acquisition.


Buying an existing Amazon FBA business offers numerous advantages over starting from scratch. It is important to thoroughly research and assess the FBA business model before making a purchase.

By considering key factors such as account health, suppliers, and competition, you can make an informed decision when looking for a profitable Amazon FBA business to invest in.

Once you find an existing Amazon FBA business to purchase, you may want to partner with a 3PL fulfillment center to make your business grow. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact us or check out our services today!

FAQs on How To Buy an Existing Amazon FBA Account

1. Can I buy an Amazon seller account?

No, buying or selling Amazon seller accounts is against Amazon's policies. Accounts must be transferred according to the terms of service, which generally require approval from Amazon.

2. Is Amazon FBA really profitable?

Yes, Amazon FBA can be profitable, but it depends on factors like product selection, cost management, and marketing strategies. Success varies among sellers.

3. Can you have more than one Amazon FBA store?

Yes, you can have more than one Amazon FBA store, but you must have a legitimate business reason and separate email accounts for each store. Approval from Amazon is also required.

4. Can you sell FBA as an individual?

Yes, you can sell on Amazon FBA as an individual. However, you will be subject to different fees and account limitations compared to a professional seller account.

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