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Amazon Renewed - What it Means for Amazon Sellers

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Are you an Amazon seller puzzled by the term "Renewed" listed on certain products?

This label, signaling items that are refurbished or rebuilt, often causes confusion and raises questions.

Through this post, we'll demystify what "Renewed" truly means on Amazon for sellers like you, shedding light on its benefits as well as how to participate in the program. Be prepared for an informative dive into one of Amazon's innovative ways to breathe new life into pre-owned items!

Key Takeaways

  • "Renewed" on Amazon refers to refurbished, rebuilt, or previously owned products that have undergone a thorough inspection and testing process by qualified suppliers approved by Amazon.

  • The inspection and testing process for renewed products includes a visual examination, functionality testing, performance evaluation, quality control checks, repairs or replacements if needed, and cleaning/refurbishment.

  • To participate in the Amazon Renewed program as a seller, you need to meet specific criteria set by Amazon including having a good track record of customer service and positive feedback from buyers.

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What is Amazon Renewed?

Amazon Renewed is a program on Amazon that offers refurbished products that have been inspected, tested, and certified by qualified suppliers to work and look like new.

Definition of Renewed on Amazon

Amazon uses the term "Renewed" to label products that have been refurbished, rebuilt, or previously owned. These items undergo a thorough professional inspection and testing process conducted by qualified suppliers approved by Amazon.

The aim is to ensure they meet specific quality standards akin to new products. Such a rigorous procedure allows these goods to be reintroduced into the market under the Amazon Renewed program, providing buyers with reliable options at lower costs than their brand-new counterparts.

From electronic gadgets and home appliances to vehicles, various product categories fall under this distinctive domain on Amazon's retail platform.

Difference between refurbished and renewed items

Refurbished items are those that have been repaired or restored to a like-new condition. They may have had parts replaced, cosmetic changes made, or any necessary repairs done. On the other hand, renewed items include not only refurbished products but also ones that are previously owned and still in good working condition.

The main distinction between the two is that refurbished items have undergone some form of repair or restoration, whereas renewed items can simply be used products that have been inspected and approved by qualified suppliers to ensure their quality.

Both options offer consumers a chance to purchase high-quality products at discounted prices, making them an appealing choice for budget-conscious shoppers.

Inspection and testing process for renewed products

The inspection and testing process for renewed products ensures their quality and performance. Here are the steps taken to guarantee that the refurbished items meet the necessary standards:

  1. Thorough examination: Each renewed product undergoes a comprehensive visual inspection to identify any physical defects or damage.

  2. Testing functionality: The item is then tested to verify that all its functions are working properly, including buttons, switches, screens, and other features.

  3. Performance evaluation: The performance of the renewed product is assessed to ensure that it meets or exceeds the expected standards for its category.

  4. Quality control checks: Stringent quality control checks are conducted throughout the inspection and testing process to maintain consistency and accuracy.

  5. Repairs and replacements: If any issues are discovered during the inspection or testing, necessary repairs or replacements are made to restore the product's functionality.

  6. Cleaning and refurbishment: Renewed products also undergo a cleaning and refurbishment process to improve their overall appearance before being listed for sale on Amazon.

How to participate in the Amazon Renewed program

To participate in the Amazon Renewed program, sellers must first become an Amazon seller and meet the criteria set by Amazon for selling renewed products. Once these requirements are met, sellers can apply to join the program and start offering their renewed items on Amazon's marketplace.

Becoming an Amazon seller

To become an Amazon seller and participate in the Amazon Renewed program, you need to meet specific criteria set by the platform. This ensures that the refurbished products you sell meet quality standards.

Once you qualify as a seller, you can apply for Amazon Renewed and start offering your renewed items to customers. It's a great opportunity to give new life to previously owned products and reach a wider audience on one of the largest e-commerce platforms globally.

Meeting the criteria for Amazon Renewed

To participate in the Amazon Renewed program, sellers must meet certain criteria:

  • Sellers need to be registered on Amazon and have a seller account.

  • They must have a good track record of customer service and positive feedback from buyers.

  • Sellers should maintain a high level of performance, including low order defect rates and timely shipping.

  • They need to offer warranty and return options for their renewed products.

  • Sellers must also comply with all relevant laws and regulations regarding refurbished products.

Applying for Amazon Renewed

To participate in the Amazon Renewed program, sellers need to meet certain requirements and go through an application process. Here are the steps to apply:

  1. Meet the seller criteria: Sellers must already be selling on Amazon directly and have a good performance record. This includes maintaining a high seller rating and following all of Amazon's guidelines.

  2. Ensure product conditions: Sellers should have refurbished or previously owned products that are eligible for the Renewed program. These products should be professionally inspected and tested to meet quality standards.

  3. Submit an application: Sellers can apply for the Amazon Renewed program through their seller account. They will need to provide information about their business and the products they want to sell as Renewed items.

  4. Wait for approval: After submitting the application, sellers will need to wait for Amazon to review and approve their request. Approval times may vary, but sellers will receive an email notification once a decision has been made.

  5. Start selling as Renewed: Once approved, sellers can start listing their refurbished products on Amazon as part of the Renewed program. They will need to follow all of Amazon's guidelines and maintain high-quality standards for these products.

Pros and cons of Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed offers the benefits of buying high-quality, refurbished products at a discounted price, but it's important to consider the potential drawbacks as well. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of Amazon Renewed.

Benefits of buying renewed products

Renewed products on Amazon offer several benefits to buyers:

  1. Lower Price: Renewed products are typically sold at a lower price compared to brand new items, allowing buyers to save money.

  2. Quality Assurance: Renewed products undergo a professional inspection and testing process to ensure that they meet quality standards set by Amazon.

  3. Warranty: Amazon provides a guarantee for Renewed products, giving buyers peace of mind in their purchase.

  4. Environmentally Friendly: Buying renewed products contributes to reducing electronic waste by giving previously owned items a second life.

  5. Wide Variety: Renewed products cover a wide range of categories, including electronics, home appliances, and even vehicles, providing buyers with more options to choose from.

Drawbacks of buying renewed products

  1. Renewed products may have cosmetic imperfections or signs of wear, as they are not brand new.

  2. The availability of renewed products can be limited compared to new items.

  3. While professionally inspected, there is still a small possibility that the renewed product may have functional issues.

  4. Some consumers may prefer the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a new product, rather than a refurbished one.

  5. The warranty for renewed products may be shorter or different compared to the warranty provided for new items.

  6. It can be challenging to find accessories or replacement parts for some renewed products.

  7. Depending on the seller, customer service and support for renewed products may vary in quality.

  8. Not all sellers on Amazon Renewed have high ratings or reviews, making it important for consumers to do their research before making a purchase.

  9. Due to the lower price point of renewed items, there may be less room for negotiation or discounts compared to buying new products.

  10. Consumers who are particular about having the latest features and technology may find that most renewed products are older models or versions.

Frequently asked questions about Amazon Renewed

What are the benefits of buying renewed products and what type of items can be found on Amazon Renewed? Find out more by reading this blog post!

Saving money with Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed offers a great opportunity to save money on a wide range of products. When you shop for renewed items, you can find electronics, home appliances, and even vehicles at significantly discounted prices compared to new items.

These refurbished products go through a thorough inspection and testing process to ensure their quality. With the added guarantee from Amazon, you can have confidence in your purchase.

So whether you're looking for a TV or kitchen appliances, consider checking out Amazon Renewed to grab some fantastic deals and save money.

Types of items available on Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed offers a wide variety of items across different categories. These include electronics like laptops, smartphones, and cameras. You can also find home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners.

In addition to that, Amazon Renewed features products for your kitchen needs like blenders, coffee makers, and toasters. And if you're in the market for vehicles or automotive parts, you might be pleased to know that you can even find renewed cars and auto components on Amazon Renewed.

With such a diverse range of options available, there's something for everyone looking to purchase refurbished items at discounted prices.

Reliability of Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed products are known for their reliability. These refurbished items undergo a rigorous inspection and testing process by qualified professionals to ensure that they meet high-quality standards.

As a result, consumers can have confidence in the condition and performance of Renewed products purchased on Amazon. Whether it's electronics, home appliances, or even vehicles, sellers participating in Amazon Renewed provide an opportunity for customers to find reliable items at a lower price compared to buying new.

The guarantee provided by Amazon further adds to the reliability factor, giving buyers peace of mind when making their purchases. With Amazon Renewed, sellers are able to breathe new life into pre-owned products while offering a trustworthy option for consumers searching for quality goods.

Manufacturer warranties for renewed products

Renewed products on Amazon often come with manufacturer warranties, providing additional peace of mind for consumers. These warranties vary depending on the product and the brand, but they can offer protection against any potential defects or issues that may arise after purchase.

With a manufacturer warranty, customers can rest assured that their renewed product is backed by the original manufacturer's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Customer service and support for Amazon Renewed sellers

Amazon understands the importance of providing excellent customer service and support to its sellers in the Renewed program. As an Amazon Renewed seller, you can expect dedicated assistance and guidance throughout your selling journey.

Whether you have questions about product listings, pricing strategies, or order fulfillment, Amazon's team of experts is ready to help. They will also provide assistance in resolving any customer inquiries or issues that may arise.

With their support, you can focus on delivering top-quality refurbished products and building a successful business on Amazon Renewed.

In addition to customer service, Amazon offers various resources for sellers in the Renewed program. You'll have access to comprehensive seller guidelines and policies that ensure compliance and maintain trust with customers.

Furthermore, if you encounter any technical difficulties or need additional tools for managing your inventory, advertising campaigns, or order fulfillment processes, Amazon provides robust solutions specifically designed for sellers in the Renewed program.


In conclusion, understanding the meaning of "Renewed" on Amazon is crucial for sellers wanting to tap into the refurbished market. It allows sellers to give new life to previously owned items and offer them at a discounted price.

By participating in the Amazon Renewed program, sellers can showcase their quality refurbished products and attract more customers who are looking for affordable alternatives. With proper inspection and testing processes in place, consumers can have confidence in their purchase of Renewed products on Amazon.

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1. What does "Renewed" mean on Amazon for sellers?

"Renewed" on Amazon refers to products that have been inspected and tested by qualified suppliers to work and look like new. These items are then repackaged with all relevant accessories, and may come with a limited warranty provided by the seller.

2. How can I identify "Renewed" products on Amazon?

On Amazon, "Renewed" products are labeled as such in the product title or description. They may also have a specific badge or logo indicating their renewed status.

3. Are "Renewed" products as good as new ones?

While "Renewed" products go through thorough testing and inspection, they may still show some signs of previous use or wear, but should function just like new items. The overall quality and performance should be comparable to brand new products.

4. Can I trust buying "Renewed" items from Amazon sellers?

Buying "Renewed" items from reputable Amazon sellers is generally considered safe and trustworthy. It is important to read customer reviews, check the seller's ratings, and ensure they offer a warranty or return policy for added peace of mind before making a purchase decision.

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