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Start Selling on Walmart Marketplace: Everything You Need to Know About Selling on

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Are you looking to expand your online business and tap into a massive customer base? Selling on might be the perfect opportunity for you. With over 110 million unique visitors each month, is a popular online shopping destination that can significantly boost your sales.

In this article, we will guide you through 6 steps to start selling on the Walmart Marketplace. From gathering documentation to setting up your Partner Profile and item listings, we'll provide you with the tools and best practices for success.

It's important to note that Walmart has historically been cautious about allowing sellers on their platform, but selling on multiple e-commerce platforms, including Walmart, can help expand your business. So, if you already sell on Amazon, or you're selling online on eBay, Etsy, and the like, you'll get a leg up.

Get ready to take your online business to new heights with Walmart Marketplace!

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Benefits of Becoming a Walmart Seller

The best parts about selling on Walmart Marketplace? No setup or monthly fees, and you have the opportunity to sell larger, longer, and heavier items.

The Cost of Selling on is Pretty Friendly

Selling on Walmart Marketplace allows you to tap into their world-class systems and security. Unlike other platforms, there are no setup or monthly fees for selling on Walmart Marketplace. This means you can focus on expanding your business and maximizing your sales without any additional financial burden.

There are 110 Million Walmart Customers

With over 110 million Walmart shoppers each month, attracts a diverse and extensive customer base. By selling on Walmart Marketplace, you can tap into this vast audience and expose your products to millions of potential customers.

Sell larger, longer, and heavier items

Selling on Walmart Marketplace opens up the opportunity to offer a wider variety of products. This includes larger, longer, and heavier items, to a diverse and extensive customer base. With Walmart's platform, you can reach millions of online shoppers who are looking for these types of products.

Whether you're selling furniture, appliances, or other bulky items, Walmart Marketplace provides a valuable platform for showcasing and selling your inventory.

Start Selling on Walmart Marketplace in 6 Steps:

Follow these steps to begin your Walmart selling journey:

1 - Gather the documentation for your Walmart Seller Account

Gather all the necessary documentation to begin the process of becoming a seller on the Walmart marketplace.

Your seller application will need:

  • Proof of US business including a US business address

  • Walmart-compliant products

  • US Business Tax ID

  • W9 or W8

  • EIN Verification Letter

  • Primary product categories

2 - Complete the application and registration

Once you have gathered all the necessary documentation, it's time to dive into the application and registration process, taking you one step closer to becoming a part of the Walmart Marketplace community.

Start by completing the application on the website. Access Walmart seller center. Fill in all the required information, including your US Business Tax ID, W9 or W8 and EIN Verification Letter, US business address, primary product categories, and a list of marketplaces where you currently sell. Make sure to provide a detailed explanation of why you're a good fit for

Also, complete the Walmart Retailer Agreement. The Walmart Retailer Agreement is essential for sellers looking to sell on the Walmart Marketplace. This contract sets the terms for everything from product listings to customer service, providing a clear framework for partnership. Adhering to it is crucial for gaining and maintaining access to Walmart's vast customer base, while also aligning with the retailer's standards for quality and value. In short, this agreement serves as a critical roadmap for successfully navigating Walmart's expansive online retail environment.

3 - Sellers must complete the partner profile

Become a Walmart seller with a complete partner profile. Construct an engaging partner profile that effectively illuminates your company's distinct value proposition, tailored to resonate with the multifaceted audience of Emphasize your brand's narrative, diverse product portfolio, and any unique selling propositions that distinguish you from your competitors. Employ lucid, succinct language to convey a sense of professionalism, thereby fostering trust with prospective customers. Incorporate high-resolution images and comprehensive descriptions to provide an accurate and enticing representation of your products. A meticulously designed partner profile serves as a pivotal tool in capturing the attention and engagement of's extensive customer network.

4 - Complete item setup - it's similar to optimizing products on Amazon FBA!

Take a moment to envision your products coming to life as you meticulously input captivating descriptions, captivating images, and relevant attributes during the item setup process.

This is your opportunity to showcase your products in the best possible way and attract customers. Make sure to provide accurate and detailed information, including product dimensions, materials, and any other relevant details.

Remember, the more compelling and informative your listings are, the more likely customers will be to make a purchase.

5 - Test items and orders

Start by verifying your content and pricing before launching your account, ensuring that everything is accurate and aligned with your customers' expectations. Test your items and orders to make sure that all the information and pricing are correct. This will help you avoid any issues or discrepancies when you start selling on Walmart Marketplace.

Take the time to review and double-check everything before officially launching your account to ensure a smooth and successful selling experience.

6 - Launch your account

Once you've completed all the necessary steps, it's time to officially kick off your selling journey on Walmart Marketplace.

Launching your account involves completing the Launch Checklist and requesting a launch. Make sure you have everything in place, such as your Partner Profile, item setup with pictures, descriptions, and attributes, and testing items and orders for verification.

Once you're ready, submit your launch request and get ready to start selling on Walmart Marketplace.

How much does it cost to sell on Walmart? Read our article on Walmart seller fees here.

Best Practices: Tools, Tips, and Walmart Supplier vs. Walmart Marketplace Seller

Selling on Walmart requires a certain amount of finesse. Although Walmart Marketplace's numbers don't quite reach Amazon's just yet, it still stands as the second runner-up in the eCommerce race, so selling on Walmart Marketplace is an excellent way to diversify your earnings. In other words, Walmart provides excellent opportunities for the savvy eCommerce seller that's already used to marketplace selling on other platforms - but in addition, Walmart Marketplace is a great way to start selling online, if you meet the seller criteria, especially since Walmart charges no fees to sell (it does charge a referral fee for every sale, though).

If you want to grow your business on Walmart Marketplace, it's crucial to utilize eCommerce tools that can help accelerate your growth. These tools can assist with inventory management, marketing, and analytics to optimize your selling strategy.

Additionally, implementing best practices for selling on can help you stand out in the marketplace. This includes providing excellent customer service and offering competitive pricing.

It's also important to understand the difference between being a marketplace seller and a Walmart supplier, as each has its own set of requirements and benefits.

Utilizing eCommerce tools for business growth

Boost your business growth by leveraging powerful eCommerce tools that can help you expand your reach and maximize your sales potential on platforms like Walmart Marketplace.

These tools, like Helium 10, offer solutions specifically designed for Amazon and Walmart sellers.

With Helium 10, you can accelerate the growth of your business, brand, or agency.

Take advantage of their insights, strategies, and resources to stay ahead of the competition and achieve success on Walmart Marketplace.

Implementing best practices for selling on

Walmart Marketplace works similar to other online marketplaces -- so the best practices don't differ too wildly from other marketplaces.

Nevertheless, if you want to sell on Walmart Marketplace effectively, here are 10 best practices that every seller on Walmart Marketplace should implement:

  1. Focus on Customer Needs: Align your sales practices with customer preferences to build loyalty. Engage regularly to understand their habits and needs.

  2. Design Brand-Specific Website: Your eCommerce website should align with your brand and customer expectations. Ensure quick loading times, clear images, and an FAQ section for a smooth shopping experience.

  3. Optimize Product Descriptions: Keep product descriptions updated and optimized with relevant keywords to improve discoverability on Walmart.

  4. Increase Advertising: Utilize Walmart Connect, Walmart's advertising arm, to increase the reach and visibility of your products.

  5. Offer Competitive Pricing: Strategic pricing is critical to attracting attention and winning the Walmart Buy Box. Your prices should neither be too high nor too low to maintain a competitive edge.

  6. Fast Fulfillment: Utilize Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) for quick and reliable product delivery. This also enhances your catalog’s visibility as Walmart tags WFS-fulfilled items for two-day delivery.

  7. Monitor Competition: With over 130,000 sellers on Walmart, it's crucial to regularly update and optimize your sales strategies based on competitor actions.

  8. Social Media Engagement: Leverage the high usage rates of social media platforms to enhance your visibility and reach potential customers.

  9. Use Analytics: Track your sales performance using analytics to understand where you stand and what needs improvement.

  10. Expand Market Reach: Consider selling on other marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy to extend your customer base globally.

Don't forget that being a successful Walmart seller starts with choosing the right niche. Read our guide to finding the right e-commerce niche for your business here.

Conclusion: Sell on - the Benefits Are Multitudinous!

In conclusion, venturing into Walmart Marketplace offers a wealth of opportunities for professional sellers eager to elevate their e-commerce business. With a staggering monthly visitor count exceeding 110 million, isn't just a retail giant; it's an expansive marketplace that can significantly magnify your customer reach.

By meticulously following the steps outlined in this guide, and by leveraging the best practices and tools available, you're not just selling products; you're creating an e-commerce presence that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Don't underestimate the transformative power of becoming a Walmart Marketplace seller. It's an opportunity filled with potential for growth, expansion, and long-term success.

Join the Walmart Marketplace and start seeing your products displayed on now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you become a seller on

To sell on Walmart Marketplace, you need a legitimate US business, online selling success, compliant products, and documentation. The application process involves gathering documents, completing the application, registering your Walmart account, and setting up your items.

How does selling on work?

There are no setup, monthly, or hidden fees for any sellers. Instead, they pay for what they sell. A reasonable referral fee is deducted from each completed purchase. The commission rates vary by category and total sales price, ranging from 6% to 15%.

Can people sell stuff on

Yes, you can sell stuff on Walmart. By partnering with Walmart Marketplace, you join a curated community of professional sellers offering top-quality products and exceptional customer service. The platform enables easy integration of your catalog, management of orders, and arrangement of shipments. As a seller on Walmart Marketplace, you add your items, fulfill orders, and get paid with no setup or monthly fees. A reasonable referral fee is deducted from your payment for sold items. You can join this community by completing a straightforward process that includes application, contract signing, registration, onboarding, and going live. This partnership offers the unique advantage of expanding your reach and embracing innovation with one of the world's largest omnichannel retailers.

Are there any restrictions on the types of products that can be sold on Walmart Marketplace?

There are some restrictions on the types of products that can be sold on Walmart Marketplace. While they allow a broad range of products, there are limitations and guidelines for certain categories and items.

How long does the approval process for selling on Walmart Marketplace typically take?

The approval process for selling on Walmart Marketplace typically takes anywhere from 24 hours to four weeks. If it has been longer than four weeks, you can contact Walmart seller support for an update on your application status.

What are the fees for selling on

The fees associated with selling on Walmart Marketplace vary depending on the product category and final sales price. Sellers only pay a fee when they sell their products, which ranges from 6% to 20%.

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