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How To Access Amazon Messages: Step-by-Step Guide

Keeping up with your inbox is key to a great experience on Amazon, whether you're keeping customers happy or tracking your orders. Quick access to your messages can mean the difference between smooth sailing and missing important info.

So if you're wondering how to access Amazon messages quickly and without fuss, our guide lays out the steps you need to stay on top of your Amazon communication, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Read on to make sure you're always in the loop!

What Is the Amazon Message Center?

The Amazon Message Center is a messaging service on the online marketplace that allows communication between buyers and third-party sellers. Sellers need to utilize this feature to improve customer service and build a strong business reputation.

Purpose and Benefits

Using the Amazon Message Center helps you keep track of conversations with customers. It's where all your buyer-seller messages live. This center lets you provide great customer service by quickly responding to questions and concerns.

Fast replies can lead to happier customers and better reviews.

The message center also makes it easy to manage communication on the go. You can check messages from third-party sellers quickly and stay up-to-date on recent order communication.

Connecting could help grow your business as you spot new product ideas or get more buyer feedback.

Importance for Third-Party Sellers

The Amazon Message Center is important for third-party sellers in facilitating communication with buyers. By enabling buyer-seller messaging on Amazon, you create a direct channel to promptly address customer inquiries and concerns.

This interaction enhances your customer service and builds trust and credibility, factors critical for attracting positive reviews and repeat business.

Leveraging the message center helps you stay informed about buyer queries, allowing you to respond promptly and improve your seller performance metrics.

Additionally, managing communication through the Amazon Message Center allows you to adhere to Amazon's guidelines effectively. Monitoring buyer messages ensures policy compliance while enhancing your understanding of customer preferences and feedback.

How To Enable Buyer-Seller Messaging on Amazon

To enable buyer-seller messaging on Amazon, you must follow a few simple steps within your Seller Central account.

Once enabled, you can communicate with customers directly to provide better service and build relationships.

Steps To Enable Messaging on Amazon

To enable messaging on Amazon, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Notification preferences under Settings in your Seller Central account.

  2. Click Edit under the Messaging header to manage your messaging preferences.

  3. Check the box next to Buyer messages and enter your contact information.

  4. Look for the Messaging category under Settings and click Edit to manage your messaging preferences.

Guidelines for Buyer-Seller Messages

Follow Amazon's guidelines when sending and receiving buyer-seller messages. Access the Communication Guidelines page within Seller Central for details on permitted content.

Ensure that your messages adhere to Amazon's strict policies to maintain a positive seller reputation.

When communicating with buyers, never request their personal information or divert them to another sales channel outside of Amazon. Avoid including promotional material in your messages and refrain from using language that violates Amazon's communication policies.

You can access the full list of prohibited activities related to buyer-seller messaging through the "Communication Guidelines" in Seller Central. Always keep your communications professional, respectful, and compliant with Amazon's regulations for seamless buyer interactions.

Does Amazon Read Buyer-Seller Messages?

Amazon does not read buyer-seller messages unless there is a problem with an order or the message violates Amazon's guidelines. To enable communication, click Notification Preferences under Settings and click Edit under the Messaging header.

Check the box next to Buyer messages and enter your contact information.

Click on the Sent Messages tab to view all sent messages as a seller. You can access your inbox in the Your Account section to view buyer messages.

Remember, adhering to Amazon's guidelines when sending and receiving messages through their Message Center is essential for maintaining smooth communication with buyers.

How To Access the Amazon Message Center

Accessing the Amazon Message Center can be done through Seller Central or on the Amazon app, allowing you to manage and respond to buyer-seller messages easily.

This feature is crucial for maintaining good customer service and communication with third-party sellers on the platform.

Through Seller Central

To access the Amazon Message Center through Seller Central, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings menu and click on Notification Preferences.

  2. Find the Messaging header and click Edit to manage your messaging preferences.

  3. Check the box next to Buyer messages and enter your contact information.

  4. Navigate to the Sent Messages tab to view all the messages you've sent as a seller.

  5. Look for the Messaging category under Settings and click Edit to manage your messaging preferences.

  6. Click on "Message Center" in the "Email, messages, and ads" section to access the Amazon Message Center.

  7. Certain Amazon guidelines must be followed when sending and receiving messages through the Amazon Message Center.

On the Amazon App

To access Amazon messages on the Amazon app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Amazon app on your mobile device.

  2. Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner to open the menu.

  3. Scroll down and select "Your Orders" from the list of options.

  4. Tap on "Message Center" to access all your buyer-seller messages.

  5. You can now view and respond to all the messages from third-party sellers and buyers directly through the app.

  6. Ensure you have notifications enabled to stay updated on new messages from customers and other sellers.

  7. Utilize this feature to maintain effective customer communication and enhance your selling experience on Amazon's platform.

Leveraging the Amazon Message Center for Business Growth

Improve your customer service by promptly responding to buyer messages. Utilize the message center to gather more reviews, explore new product ideas, and outsource customer service for better business growth.

Improving Customer Service

Enhance customer service on Amazon by promptly responding to buyer messages. Be proactive in addressing concerns and providing helpful information.

Utilize the Amazon Message Center as a tool to build trust and rapport with customers, ultimately leading to positive reviews and repeat business.

Engage actively with buyers to foster goodwill and potential business opportunities on the platform.

Getting More Reviews

To get more reviews, encourage buyers to share their experiences by providing excellent customer service. Respond promptly to messages and ensure that their queries are addressed.

Utilize the Amazon Message Center to reach out to customers who have purchased your products and kindly request them to leave a review expressing their satisfaction.

Leverage the messaging platform on Amazon effectively by engaging with buyers in a friendly and courteous manner. This can enhance your chances of getting positive reviews, as satisfied customers are usually willing to share their positive experiences with others.

Be proactive in seeking buyer feedback through the message center, maintaining professionalism throughout your communication.

You can also download Amazon Reviews. Read our guide to learn how.

Exploring New Product Ideas

To generate new product ideas, monitor buyer messages for recurring requests and complaints. Utilize the feedback received in messages to identify areas of improvement or potential new product opportunities.

Engage buyers through the Amazon Message Center to gather insights on what they look for in products, helping you tailor your offerings accordingly. Leverage communication with sellers as a source of inspiration for innovative product development.

Furthermore, analyze customer inquiries and suggestions to spot trends that can guide your product research and development process. The Amazon Message Center provides valuable input from customers that can become pivotal in creating successful new products.

By actively engaging with buyers through this platform, you can gain first-hand information about market demands and use it to fuel fresh ideas.

Outsourcing Customer Service

Consider outsourcing customer service or hiring a virtual assistant to handle incoming buyer messages and efficiently manage communication.

This can help you focus on other aspects of your business while ensuring timely and professional responses to buyer inquiries, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Leveraging a third-party service for customer support can also aid in improving response times, maintaining positive seller ratings, and boosting your Amazon performance.

By outsourcing customer service, you can streamline the management of buyer-seller communication and keep up with the high volume of messages often received on Amazon.

This strategy ensures that each query is addressed promptly and professionally, increasing customer satisfaction and potentially leading to more positive reviews for your products.


Accessing Amazon messages is crucial for effective communication with third-party sellers. Enabling buyer-seller messaging and understanding guidelines are essential steps to utilize the Amazon Message Center.

By leveraging this tool, you can enhance customer service, gather more reviews, explore new product ideas, and outsource customer service for business growth. Use the message center to strengthen your presence as an Amazon seller.

FAQs on Accessing Amazon Messages

1. Does Amazon send SMS messages?

Yes, Amazon sends SMS messages for order confirmations, shipping updates, and delivery notifications. Customers can opt-in to receive such communications via text.

2. How do I contact Amazon?

You can contact Amazon through their customer service page. Options include phone support, live chat, email, and a detailed FAQ section for self-service assistance.

3. What is the Amazon buyer-seller message policy?

The Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging Policy outlines the rules for direct communication between buyers and sellers. It includes guidelines on message content, frequency, and the requirement to use Amazon's messaging system to ensure a secure and documented interaction.

4. How do I look up sent messages?

To look up sent messages on Amazon, navigate to your account dashboard's "Messages" section. You can view your Buyer-Seller messages there, including all sent and received correspondence related to your transactions.

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