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How To Get Ungated on Amazon in 2024

Are you looking to grow your sales on Amazon but are stuck because some products are off-limits? Many sellers get tripped up by Amazon's special rules that keep certain items in gated categories—which means only some can sell them.

Guess what: it's not as hard to start selling these items as you might think. If you know what to do, you can start selling more stuff and meet more customers.

Here's a quick guide showing you how to get into these special Amazon areas. We'll walk you through it and give you some great tips to make it happen. Get ready to sell more and grow your business!

Understanding Amazon's Gated Categories

When selling on Amazon, it's crucial to understand what it means for certain categories to be "gated" and why some are restricted. Knowing the benefits of being ungated will help you navigate the process more effectively.

What Does It Mean to be Gated?

Being "gated" on Amazon means you need approval to sell certain items. Some products and categories have rules. Only sellers who get the okay from Amazon can list those products.

This is to ensure customers get good stuff and trust what they buy.

To sell gated products, you must follow specific steps. These steps help Amazon check if you're ready to offer these items. We will talk about why some categories are restricted next.

Why Are Some Categories Restricted?

Certain categories on Amazon are restricted to ensure product quality, safety, and regulation compliance. These restrictions help maintain the integrity of the marketplace by protecting customers from potentially harmful or low-quality items.

Moreover, regulating specific categories allows Amazon to uphold industry standards and legal requirements, ultimately safeguarding sellers and buyers. By controlling access to certain categories, Amazon can effectively manage the sale of sensitive products while providing a secure platform for all users.

This ensures that only qualified sellers who meet specific criteria can offer products in these restricted categories, fostering consumer trust and confidence.

Benefits of Being Ungated on Amazon

Accessing gated categories on Amazon can significantly widen your product range, allowing you to sell in highly profitable niches. Being ungated allows you to offer sought-after products with less competition, potentially boosting your sales and profits.

It can also enhance your seller account's visibility and credibility by adhering to Amazon's strict quality standards for approved sellers.

Moreover, being ungated opens up more opportunities for expanding your business and building a diverse product portfolio. This flexibility helps in maximizing sales potential and attracting a wider customer base.

List of Ungated Categories in 2024

For those looking to enter the Amazon marketplace, here is a list of ungated categories that do not require approval before listing products:

  • Amazon Device Accessories

  • Automotive & Powersports

  • Beauty Products

  • Books (Non-Collectibles)

  • Cameras & Photos

  • Cell Phones & Accessories

  • Home & Garden

  • Industrial & Scientific

  • Major Appliances

  • Musical Instruments

  • Sports

  • Tools & Home Improvement

It is important for sellers to note that whilst these categories are open, other top-level categories might have sub-categories with separate approval processes. This list specifically includes those that are entirely ungated.

How To Get Ungated on Amazon

Follow these easy steps to start the process and use some tips for success.

Identifying Gated and Ungated Products

When selling on Amazon, it's important to distinguish between gated and ungated products. Here's how you can identify them:

  1. Check the Product Category: Determine if the product falls under a gated category by reviewing Amazon's list of restricted categories.

  2. Research Amazon's Requirements: Understand the specific criteria and qualifications needed to sell products in certain categories.

  3. Review Seller Central: Access your Seller Central account for detailed information about gated and ungated products.

  4. Utilize Amazon's Help Center: Look for guidance in Amazon's help resources to understand which products require approval and which do not.

  5. Consult with Amazon Support: Contact Amazon's seller support team for clarification on any product gating or ungating inquiries.

  6. Analyze Product Listings: Compare similar products listed on Amazon to see if they are gated or ungated, providing insights into what is allowed for sale.

Categories and Criteria for Getting Ungated on Amazon

Getting approved to sell in Amazon's gated categories isn't as daunting as it seems! Here's what to know for 2024:

  • Grocery & Gourmet Foods: You need a professional seller account, stellar customer satisfaction, and compliance with food safety. Keep an eye on expiration dates, too!

  • Fine Art: Detail your business and provide authenticity proof through supplier invoices.

  • Fine Jewelry: Show authenticity with proper documentation and follow Amazon's jewelry guidelines.

  • Wine: Be legal with all alcohol regulations, and showcase your quality control measures.

  • Watches: Sell authentic, new watches with proof from authorized sources.

  • Collectible Coins & Books: Understand the value, ensure authenticity, and supply detailed invoices.

  • Sports & Entertainment Collectibles: Prove the provenance and authenticity of your rare items.

  • Video, DVDs, & Blu-rays: A professional plan is required, and follow the ungating documentation process.

  • Toys & Games: Adhere to safety standards and provide necessary documentation.

  • Automotive & Powersports: Prove product quality and meet safety and licensing standards.

  • Clothing, Accessories, & Luggage: Submit purchase invoices and business registration.

  • Major Appliances & Kindle Accessories: Provide authenticity documents and meet Amazon's quality standards.

  • Sexual Wellness: Get FDA approval and be transparent about your products.

  • Gift Cards: Ensure new cards, provide supplier invoices, and comply with Amazon's rules.

  • Textbook Rentals: Have an active professional plan, sufficient inventory, and follow rental guidelines.

Just navigate to the 'Request Approval' section for each category in Seller Central and have your paperwork ready!

Three Easy Steps To Getting Ungated

To get ungated on Amazon and start selling restricted products, follow these four easy steps:

  1. Prepare Your Documentation: Once you recognize which categories or products are gated on Amazon, gather all necessary documents, such as invoices, product images, and brand registry information.

  2. Submit Your Application: Apply to become ungated through your seller account and provide the required documentation.

  3. Await Approval: Once submitted, wait for Amazon's review and approval of your application before you can start selling in the previously gated categories.

Read our guide on getting approval from Amazon after submitting your application for ungated products.

Tips for Faster Ungating on Amazon

When applying to get ungated on Amazon, ensure that all your documentation and information are accurate and up-to-date. Double-check that you have followed all the necessary steps and requirements for each specific category.

Pay close attention to any additional criteria or conditions outlined by Amazon for ungating certain categories.

Moreover, make sure to maintain a positive selling history on Amazon by providing great customer service, delivering high-quality products, and adhering to all policies and guidelines.

Consistently monitor your seller metrics to identify any areas of improvement. Building a strong reputation as a reliable seller can significantly increase your chances of successfully getting ungated in restricted categories on Amazon.

Also, staying informed about any updates or changes in Amazon's policies regarding gated categories is crucial.

Keeping up with the latest news and requirements will help you adapt quickly and efficiently when seeking approval for new product categories or subcategories.


Now that you've learned about Amazon's gated categories and the benefits of being ungated. The steps and tips are practical and efficient for getting ungated on Amazon.

It's important to understand the impact of unlocking these restrictions for your business's success. You can explore further resources beyond this guide to deepen your knowledge in this area.

Take action today and unlock potential growth for your Amazon business!

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FAQs on Ungated Amazon

1. How much does it cost to get ungated on Amazon?

The cost to get ungated on Amazon can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the category, the brand, and whether you're doing it yourself or hiring a service. Some categories may be free to get ungated, while professional services can charge anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars.

2. How do I know if a brand is gated on Amazon?

To determine if a brand is gated on Amazon, try listing a product under that brand. Amazon will notify you if it's restricted and if you need approval to sell that brand. Alternatively, you can check Amazon Seller Central for a list of gated brands or use third-party tools designed to identify gated categories and brands.

3. How long does it take to get ungated on Amazon?

The time it takes to get ungated on Amazon can vary. Typically, it can take a few hours to a couple of weeks once you've submitted all the required documentation. The process duration depends on the category, the complexity of the request, and Amazon's current review queue.

4. What is the easiest category to get ungated on Amazon?

Categories considered the easiest to get ungated in on Amazon include books, most clothing items, and home and garden products, as they usually have less stringent requirements. However, Amazon's policies can change, so checking the current conditions for each category as you apply is advisable.

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